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Fashioned after the concept of Shelley Duvall's Faerie Tale Theatre, the series will lean into themes covering the dual sides of morality, the supernatural, gothic elements, touching on political and social issues.


The stories will to all ages, primarily Young Adult to Seniors.

Think The Twilight Zone and The Outer Limits meets Black Mirror.


** Funding will support the development and artists' work for the production **

Pitch in to help create one of the most exciting and innovative storytelling projects being developed!



Service Name

We're all far too familiar with the standard European fairy tales -- Cinderella, The Ugly Duckling, The Litter Mermaid. And there are just as many remarkable and breathtaking stories from cultures around the world. This is where our series will shines its light.
By focusing on global folktales we're cracking open the old myths to capture the human side of the stories -- the fear, the pathos, the psychology. Imagine bringing together stories from all over the world, and allowing previously unheralded mythologies to take center stage.
Only through realizing our shared humanity through stories that we can truly understand and appreciate all cultures and each other, and telling these epic tales with stylized animation tools and layouts will help to create a neutral space where art can bridge the gap.


Service Name

This artistic and inspired series will go where few productions have dared to -- by embracing the stories told worldwide that capture the boundless joy, the reckless desire, and the shameful purging that represent what it means to be human -- and telling it couched in a new way: using three different animation techniques combined. 


Starting with the hypnotic tale of The Shadow, this animated series will be an innovative and visionary exploration into stylistic and imaginative storytelling utilizing both new and traditional techniques in animation. We've brought together a team of creatives, experts in their field, to craft stop motion puppets, designed animation characters and backdrops, and shadow puppetry.


Service Name

Our goal with this project is to create the tools, integrate the technology, and support the artists to produce a fully-realized 4-minute teaser trailer to pitch this pilot and the series to networks, studios, streamers and independent production companies. Our goal: a series with each episode focused on a new, unique story. It's not an easy task, but our deliverable is small -- yet mighty.


We will absolutely need those big guns -- and yours -- to make this happen!

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