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Writer. Producer. Director.

maria collette sundeen


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My story begins here... I'm a storyteller.
On paper. On camera. On screen.

I began my career as Journalist, working as an Associate Producer with CNN and C|NET TV.


I've worked with a spectrum of organizations, managing their communications, marketing, branding and media production.


I've traveled globally shooting documentaries, promotional and informational videos, conducting interviews, and implementing campaigns.


My creative work has a voice, a BRAND, and a strategy. I thrive on research and history and science and truth. I write stories that carry echoes from the past to light the path toward a healed world.

A storyteller at heart, my focus is on telling fairy tales with an edge, understanding that myths represent the human experience through a cultural lens. As a Mexican-American with Indigenous roots who speaks fluent French and Swedish, I'm a firm believer that stories should rise above stereotypes. Myths and legends speak to the human experience that we all share.

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