Writer. Producer. Director.

My story begins here... I'm a storyteller.
On paper. On camera. On screen.

My experience includes working as a producer for programs airing on CNN, the Sci-Fi Channel, USA Network, and UCTV. Along the way I've worked with the Katahdin Foundation, Frame of Mind Films and Habitat Media, which produce award-wining films for PBS and international film festivals.

In 2011 I produced and directed a comedy short, which premiered at the Cannes Short Film Corner and the Palm Springs Film Festival Short Film Marketplace. I wrote the story with filmmaker Mick ErausquinIn 2017 and 2018, I wrote three new scripts - a supernatural play and two feature films, a murder mystery thriller and a romantic comedy. In 2019, I wrote some more -- a book adaptation and two short film scripts. I'm currently at work researching a new horror feature, and another story based on Native American lore.

I began my career as an Associate Producer with CNN and C|NET TV, and from there moved to corporate productions, where I developed the Ag Education series for KRCB/PBS, and produced a series of corporate videos focusing on agribusiness. At the same time, I was involved in producing, writing, and directing a spectrum of videos, including Every 15 Minutes, Prince Karna's Dream, and most recently, researched and wrote for The Great 14th, an award-winning documentary about the Dalai Lama.

MUSEWORKS was founded as a cooperative -- a group of media makers focused on telling stories to share a vision.

Below is a list of creatives who I collaborate with, and links to their work

• Frame of Mind Films (Rosemary Rawcliffe)

Producer & Director Roger Shannon

• Composer Douglas Pipes

Director-Writer Ana Lydia Monaco

Writer-Director Mick Erausquin

DP Michael Epple
​​• Special Effects Whiz Matt Rhodes
• Video Storyteller AD Wyatt Norton
• Filmmaker/Editor Raymond Scott Daigle
• Blind Eye Video (John Campbell)

• Fade Out to Greenlight (Jorge Perez)


Geordie Robinson (SAG)

Olivia Sundeen

Beau Berglund

Mary Dallas

Zeke Hindle

Josie Alvarez

Victoria D'Orazi (SAG)

Jennifer Linkous (SAG)

Julie Adamo

Michael Armstrong Barr

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