Writer. Producer. Director.

maria collette sundeen


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MUSEWORKS was founded as a cooperative - a group of media makers focused on telling stories to share a vision.

My story begins here... I'm a storyteller.
On paper. On camera. On screen.

I began my career as Journalist, working as an Associate Producer with CNN and C|NET TV. Later, I worked with a spectrum of organizations, managing their communications, marketing, branding and media production. I've traveled globally shooting promotional and informational videos, conducting interviews, and implementing campaigns. I've worked with the International Latino Film Festival, Frame of Mind Films, and PBS. My creative work has a voice, a BRAND, and a strategy.

A storyteller at heart, my focus is on telling fairy tales with an edge, understanding that myths represent the human experience through a cultural lens. As a Mexican-American who speaks fluent French and Swedish, I'm a firm believer that stories should rise above stereotypes

Below is a list of creatives who I collaborate with, and links to their work

• Frame of Mind Films (Rosemary Rawcliffe)

Producer & Director Roger Shannon

• Composer Douglas Pipes

• Special Effects / Animation Yasmin Mistry - idesygn

• Cinematographer Catalina Rodriguez

Writer-Director Mick Erausquin

DP / Editor Ryan Alva

Director-Writer Ana Lydia Monaco

Graphic Designer LeeAnn Nelson

DP Michael Epple

Camera/Cinematographer Skyler Mullins

Gaffer/Lighting Director Nicky Smit

​​• Special Effects Whiz Matt Rhodes
• Video Storyteller AD Wyatt Norton
• Filmmaker/Editor Raymond Scott Daigle
• Blind Eye Video (John Campbell)