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Grey Brick Wall
Research & Team Lead
  • Research issues, characters and history, including finding assets

  • Prepare background information and deep research, including for special projects or breaking news

  • Find and confirm verifiable facts and other content related to the project

  • Manage the workflow of other Researchers, Archivists & Editors 

Development /Fundraising
  • Research and identify foundations, corporations and individuals with topic/issue interests 

  • Launch and monitor crowdfunding sites

  • Write and prepare fundraising packages to prep for asks

  • Develop pitch decks for promotion, development and recruiting

Story Development
  • Develop the story idea and direction

  • Establish a story arc – Identify areas of growth and change in the story, characters and location

  • Shape the dramatic structure – including introduction, struggle, climax, and resolution, if any

  • Narrow down the story flow, including primary and secondary story actions

Script Writing

 Specs are available on demand

  • Documentary outline and act summaries

  • TV episodes and pilots

  • Feature films - horror, drama, comedy, YA, fantasy, etc.

  • Adaptations - books & short stories

Story Backgrounders
  • Write up research topic & issue summaries for use by the team

  • Write film summaries and treatments

  • Prepare presentations, backgrounders, one-pagers, and sizzle reels

  • Write PR and summaries for fundraising and promotion

Film Production

Contact for help with your project!

  • Creative Producer

  • Indigenous and BIPOC community outreach

  • Interviews (former Journalist)

  • Location Scouting & Management

  • BTS Directing & Producing

  • Captions, Subtitles & Translations 

  • more on request

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